February 2020 already sees us up to E in the storm alphabet

Fortunately they only work weekends here in Waveney over in East Anglia. Giving us the chance to deliver our garden services in Waveney, Norfolk & Suffolk.

Grounds & Gardens have had a mixed bag the last few weeks with grass cutting on the fine and dry days in the week, sprinkled with routine maintenance of weed control, mole catching and jet washing. Hedge cutting of a principal facing leylandii hedge, Unfortunately in the past parts of the hedge have been cut back too far into the old wood leaving the front face with a die back appearance.

Tip: Please don’t cut your leylandii (conifer) hedges back to the wood, as there is a very high chance that it will never grow from that point again. Leaving a disappointing appearance.

The owner is how contemplating the removal of the hedge completely in the future, Which is going the be an unnecessarily cost.

New customers are waiting to start grass cutting in Bungay & Earsham and all have been delighted with the affordable price.

Half term week we saw us at Ellingham V.C primary school supplying and fitting a lovely picket fence to create an allotment space for the children to allow the enjoyment of growing your own veg and salad.

We also removed old trellis work making way for a new close board fence in its place for a customer in Beccles Suffolk, We only use the highest quality fencing, supplied to us by Gold Star fencing here in Bungay Suffolk. Great prices and in over ten years of using their materials you can not beat their prices or quality. Stainless screw are a must for us also in the installation. The devils in the details, right !

The same customer also will be starting a new lawn care program this year. Scarifying to start in the next few weeks, weather depended. This lawn has been overrun with moss due to the damp shaded area given by their trees, giving the moss its ideal environment to excel.

Mole activity has increased as the breeding season draws closer, Five moles humanly caught with a period of four days in Bungay & Beccles.

You may find mole hills popping up more as the males dig new runs in the hunt for a female.

A mole has a litter of around 4/5 and will very quickly kick them out into the big wide world after only 5/6 weeks.

Leaving one mole as a token of goodwill can very quickly turn into 5/6 moles. That’s a lot a damage to your lawns, garden borders, patios and pathways.

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