Mixed bag the past fortnight for Grounds & Gardens “All Your Garden Needs”

Grass cutting Suffolk Bungay, In Hedenham Norfolk.
Grounds & Gardens - All your garden needs
Ride on grass cutting for large areas

Being a provider of all garden services gives us a wide range of work from day to day.

The last fortnight we have been busy grass cutting in Bungay, Ditchingham,Beccles,Ellough,Mettingham all in Suffolk and Hedenham in Norfolk.

Box hedge trimming in Bungay, Beccles and Ellough.

Lawn care in preparation for a promo video shoot at Suffolk’s leading wedding venue whilst crawling back the non essential works in a memorial park owned by one of the U.K’s largest crematorium providers on the outskirts of Beccles.

Mole catching in Bungay and Beccles, In both cases the moles where removed within 24 hours. A lot less activity showing with moles going deeper in the search of worms during the warmer weather we are now enjoying.

Grounds & Gardens continue to offer a five star service at affordable prices for all our garden services including grass cutting, hedge cutting, mole control, lawn care and general gardening in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Proudly cutting our way across Waveney, Norfolk & Suffolk

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